C&T’s LabLine is a comprehensive Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).  It collects and integrates all data from sample receipt to disposal. All data follow a controlled path through LabLine including QC Chemist and project management reviews, automated real time quality control checks and approval steps tied to specific lab staff and positions. C&Ts processes are fully compliant to USEPA Good Automated Laboratory Practices(GALP) and the ISO 17025< and NELAP-QSM standards.

LabLine is a secure Internet website service developed to support e-Report & EDD distribution, to allow clients to access their historical data and use powerful project management software tools to organize and view their data.

LabLine customers get easy access to their data, tracking information, pushed email notifications and a data repository that saves time and effort:

Data Repository

Access and download e-Reports, data packages, EDD’s, Chain of Custody, Login Confirmations and Invoices.

Auto Email Notification and Reporting

LabLine users can enable Auto-Email to get notified when samples are logged or reports are available.


To request a LabLine account, please email John Goyette, C&T Client Services Manager