Coming Soon: Seasonal Pricing

Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in C&T Thought Leadership

With retailers chomping at the bit to offer discounts and begin the holiday spending season, we here at C&T are preparing for the doldrums of winter.

As many of you know, and see in your own work, sampling in January and February is normally slow. In an attempt to jump start our year and help our clients be more profitable on winter specific work, C & T Labs is proud to announce new seasonal pricing (additional terms and conditions apply).

Essentially, if you bring us samples from a project we’ve not previously worked on, and those samples come to the lab in January and February, we’re going to significantly cut pricing.

The idea is to have a true business partnership with our clients, you help us by keeping our people busy when it’s normally slow, and in turn we help you save money on lab costs which ultimately helps the bottom line of any project.

For specific details or pricing information contact me directly at 510.204.2236 or contact Carson Brown at

On November 19th, C & T Labs will be partnering with GIS software firm Mapistry on a webinar entitled, “Managing Storm Water on Construction Sites: Discharge Sampling, Inspecting BMPs, and Maintaining Sediment & Erosion Controls” which is being hosted by SWS.

John Goyette, Client Services Manager, will not only be presenting but will also offer his laboratory expertise to the panel discussion. The webinar will be a great “soup to nuts” introduction to storm water management and a fantastic refresher for those more experienced with the storm water regulatory process.

As an incentive, all participants in the webinar will earn one Professional Development Hour (PDH). Please click here to register.