1878 James M. Curtis, California pioneer, founds the company in San Francisco to support the regional wine industry by analyzing sugars, acids and tannins.
1906 After the 1906 earthquake, P.W. Tompkins arrives to salvage the equipment and supplies and saves them from the fire.   The company is renamed Curtis & Tompkins.
1926 The 1920s is a period of expansion by Tompkins. New labs in San Francisco, Reno and Monterey are staffed by 45 employees. The lab’s analytical work focuses on testing for the mining and agricultural industries.
1948-50 C&T works with the USDA in the development of a bioassay method for Vitamin D. Services expand to include clinical lab services as well as the ongoing testing for mining and the agricultural industry.
1968-76 Equipment is added to the C&T repertoire. Phillip Tomkins receives a patent for the C&T Zone Sample for oils and fats in tanks. This quickly becomes standard equipment and generates one third of C&T’s revenues in the early 1970s.
1976 The current ownership acquires C&T from the last remaining Tompkins team members. Their investments revitalize the company with new equipment and new laboratory services for cargo.
1988 The 1980s bring a new location in Berkeley and a transition from food and cargo testing to the growing environmental testing industry.
1990 C&T begins its long running investment in developing and improving LabLine, its state-of-the-art laboratory information management systems (LIMS). This allows full automation of testing and quality reporting from sample check-in to final reporting.
2009 The acquisition of a second lab in West Berkeley with dedicated clean rooms allows C&T to offer low level environmental testing to its clientele. At each step through its history, C&T has built its reputation on its people, integrity, and credibility.
2015 The laboratory is acquired by Montrose Environmental Group, becoming part of the Enthalpy Analytical laboratory network.